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Welcome to Peoria Grand Apartments!

Welcome home to Peoria Grand Apartments. Garden-style living in the heart of Peoria. 

Bulletin Board


Cole Slover

This complex grew into something special. For years money orders were being misplaced and eviction notices were being hung. Maintenance was awful and never came over. Now with new people things are getting done so fast! For the last few months Jami and Isabel greet me with a smile and no attitude. I explain any situation and instead of a bad attitude I get concerned look and an answer. The maintenance is also so quick. Regardless if I put in a work order or just personally stop by, Marty always takes care of it that day. Any apartment that I have lived at had such a superficial attitude about their job. Focusing on importance and order has put this place in a top tier. If you want things fixed quickly and not worry about your monthly rent being lost by the staff then this is the place.